Our Cleaning Services

Our home cleaning services are provided on a cost per hour basis with a minimum charge of three hours per visit.  We are providing house cleaning services in Edmonton and Sherwood Park.   

All services are provided by trained and competent employees that are bonded, insured and are covered under WCB, even our move-in move-out cleaning in Edmonton.

Our maids will leave a completed customized checklist after each clean to communicate areas that were completed during the visit. 

Standard Cleaning Package

We provide one time or regularly scheduled home cleaning and maid services in the Edmonton, Sherwood Park and St. Albert areas. (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly)


  • Cupboard Fronts / Handles / Counter Tops
  • Exterior Fridge / Inside Bottom / Exterior Top
  • Exterior & Interior Microwave
  • Exterior Stove & Hood Fan
  • Exterior Dishwasher & Inside Rim
  • Table & Chairs
  • Sink & Faucets Polished


  • Mirrors
  • Tubs / Showers
  • Walls
  • Straighten Towels
  • Polish Toilet Paper Holder & Towel Racks
  • Polish Faucets
  • Toilets
  • Baseboards
  • Wash Floors by Hand

Dusting and Polishing

  • All Surfaces
  • Mirrors
  • Spot Wash Windows
  • Window Ledges
  • Spot Wash Walls
  • White Interior Doors
  • Front & Back Doors & Foot Threshold
  • Light Switches & Electrical Outlets
  • Leather Furniture


  • Couches & Arm Chairs (under cushions as well)
  • Floors  (hard surface and carpeted areas)

Washing Floors

  • All Hard Floor Surfaces Done by Hand (unless mop system provided by customer)

Deep Cleaning Package

One time or regular scheduled deep cleanings 

Same house cleaning services as the Standard package + any or all of the following items, each time or on rotation: 


  • Baseboards & Trim
  • Light Fixtures
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Carpet Edging
  • Washing Walls
  • Exterior & Interior Appliances
  • Behind Appliances
  • Interior Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets
  • Exterior & Interior Laundry Equipment

Move-Out / Move-In Package

Same house cleaning services as the full Deep Cleaning Package, but the house is empty. 

We can fully customize your package to meet your needs.

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Cleaning Products

At Krinkle Klean, we guarantee the use of environmentally friendly home cleaning products in your home. We care about reducing toxicity, as well as unnecessary packaging. We use antibacterial microfiber Norwex products which are friendly for all surfaces.